Anunţ publicitar al Statului Român in ziarele mari ale lumii:

Anunţ publicitar al Statului Român in ziarele mari ale lumii:

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luni, mai 16

FMI la judecata cea mica...

FMI la judecata cea mica... , originally uploaded by peromaneste.

Via Flickr:
...inca nu la aceea de apoi, insa sprea aceea, oricum. Iata-l pe seful Fondului Monetar International, din pozitia de viitor presedinte al Frantei in aceea de inculpat. Pricina? S-a aratat gol unei cameriere africane la hotelul de $3000/noapte la care statea, a incuiat usa si a obligat-o pe femeia in cauza sa-l... suga.

Americanii, fie ca-s apucatii pe care-i stie lumea, ceea ce afla si romanul, fie ca fac un serviciu lui Sarkozy, l-au pus in boxa acuzarii.

Iata ce scrie un american ziarului New York Times:

Vince Boston din San Mateo, California scrie:

Bonjour, mon ami's ! It is I, ze great sophisticated and elegant Dominque Strauss-Kahn, who always selects ze perfect wine. Oui, I had a bit of fun with a mere what? What else are ze chambermaids there for? Ze problem is ze puritanical Americans...not moi ! I merely do what I and my fellow government bankers have been doing for years, and it is ME who is supposedly ze problem? I reject your puritanical American Americanism !

Me and my fellow $3,000/night international government bankers spend all day long raping poor countries on behalf of rich countries. When we tire of that, we switch to raping the working class inside each country on behalf of the ruling class who went to the right schools and have the right last names. After all, I am ze most ridiculous of all ze politicians in ze entire world, a stalwart leader of ze French “Socialist” Party.

Why, ever since I was born with my nursemaid feeding me Dom Perignon in my baby bottle, I have dedicated my life to helping the struggling working classes…like ze hotel maid last night. She was struggling…does she not realize I was helping her in her fight against ze rich exploitive well-connected ruling class ? Ungrateful wench !

What could be more natural for me and my good banking fellows than to switch to raping hotel maids at ze end of a long tiring work day ? I do whatever I want whenever I want to whoever I want ! Yes, yes, you may, how you say, succeed in locking me up in one of your puritanical puritan prisons. But it matters little. There are 50, 100, 1,000 more international government bankers waiting to take my place and continue with our sacred, important "work". It is truly a calling, not merely a “job”.

Daca nu l-as avea in gand pe violatorul Romaniei, J. Franks, ajutat de clica Ba'secului, as spune: Fara cuvinte...

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